Jillian Keys

Maker and Costume Designer

Jillian Keys




Distressing and bleaching done by hand

Pirate distressing in action

Mary Tuomanen as Long John Silver

Long John Silver

Peg leg solution with hand painted shoe

Peg leg in action

Jamie Foreman as Dr Livesy

Dr. Livesy

Eliana Fabiyi as Jim Hawkins

Eliana Fabiyi as Jim Hawkins and Ensemble

Tai Verley as Billy Bones

Tai Verley base pirate design

Billy Bones

British soldier

Robi Hager base pirate design

Robi Hager base pirate

Cameron DelGrosso Captain design

Cameron DelGrosso as the Captain

Mary Tuomanen, design for Jims Mom

Mary Tuomanen as Long John Silver

Based on the Book by Robert Louis Stevenson
Adapted for the Stage by Toby Hulse

Arden Theatre Company 2019

Jillian was nominated for a Best Costume Design 2018-19 Barrymore Award for this production

Playwright: Toby Hulse
Director: Doug Hara
Scenic Designer: Timothy Mackabee
Costume Designer: Jillian Keys
Lighting Designer: Amanda Jensen
Sound Designer/Composer: Alex Bechtel

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