Jillian Keys

Maker and Costume Designer

Jillian Keys

"This Is On Record"

Following six characters in three different eras, THIS IS ON RECORD takes a hard look at the systems of privilege and prejudice that shape the narratives we inherit. Audience members are invited to walk through time, as stories simultaneously unfold in 1968, 1988 and 2014. The intertwined lives of a writer, a balladeer, a documentarian, a radio broadcaster, an archivist, and a live-streamer simultaneously unfold, as each character struggles to capture their historical moment and speak truth to power.

Rebecca Wright – Director

Isabella Sazak & Maura Kause – Associate Directors

Lisi Stoessel – Set Design

Maria Shaplin – Lighting and Projection Design

Liz Atkinson – Sound Design

Jillian Keys – Costume Design

Emily Schuman – Properties Design

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