Jillian Keys

Maker and Costume Designer

Jillian Keys

“The West”

Pat Garrett rides through the cacti

The Auctioneer transforms into Pat Garrett

A woman leaves her husband for the wide open road

A tutorial on the Daguerrotype

The transformation of Billy the Kid

Scott goes golfing... Or doesn't...

A crew of cowboys on the hunt for Billy the Kid

Pat Garrett mourns the loss of a friend to the hands of Billy the Kid

Set dressing and other costume pieces used to transform the ensemble into many characters and eras

The Can-Can

A dusty wind blown journey back in time

“The West” is a devised piece created by Alex Bechtel. In short it is an absurdist, spaghetti western, music-hall drama that loosely explores the death of Billy the Kidd via pantomime and ensemble based movement and song. Performed in the Off-Broad Theater in Philadelphia

Scenic Design: Radha Vakharia
Lighting Design: Dom Chacon
Costume Design: Jill Keys

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