Jillian Keys

Maker and Costume Designer

Jillian Keys

Mask and Puppet Design

Bird Puppet Design and Construction for The Arden Theatre Co.'s "Cinderella"

Bird Puppet in the shop for "Cinderella"

"A Midsummer Night's Dream", Bottom Mask

Titania and Bottom

"The Blue Monster", Pantalone and Tartaglia Masks

"The Blue Monster", 12ft Sword Fighting Knight Puppet

"The Blue Monster", Dardane (left), Gulindi (center), and King Fanfur (right)

"The Blue Monster", Brighella and Smeraldina Masks

"The Blue Monster", Chorus Masks

"The Blue Monster", Finished Monster Head

"The Blue Monster", Monster Head In Process

"The Blue Monster", Seven-Headed Hydra Puppet

"Blue Monster", Seven-Headed Hydra puppet in process

"The Princess Who Lost Her Hair", Full Cast, Mask and Costume Design for Walnut Street Theater's Childrens' Outreach Tour

Witch and Beast Masks Design and Construction for Luna Theater

Beast Mask Rough Sketch And Notes For Luna Theater

Witch Mask Rough Sketch With Design Notes For Luna Theater

“Cinderella”- Bird Puppet Design and Construction
Director: Whit MacLaughlin
Arden Theatre Co. 2012

“Lion King Jr.”- Masks in process for Upper Darby Summer Stage 2018
Co-constructed with Amanda Wolff

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”- Bottom Mask Design and Construction
Director: David Stradley
Delaware Shakespeare Festival 2012

“The Blue Monster”- Mask and Puppet Co-Design and Construction with Aaron Cromie
Director: Aaron Cromie
University of the Arts, Arts Bank Theater, 2010

“The Princess Who Lost Her Hair”- Mask and Costume Design
Outreach Tour Director: Caroline Leipf
Walnut St. Theater, Childrens' Educational Outreach Tour 2011-2012

“70 Scenes of Halloween” – Witches/Beasts Mask Design and Construction
Director: Aaron Oster
Luna Theater 2012

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